Our Story

We are family owned and operated local fusion Indian restaurant based in Irvine, California. The Pandemic changed the way we serve Indian food. Now our style of Indian food is comfortable, approachable and the new generation can understand the traditional flavors for years to come and enjoy.  

Meet Founder Rita

Meet Rita Patel, the founder of Maast Indian.

Growing up as a child in Mumbai, Rita Patel's favorite memory was eating her mom’s handmade dishes every day. (Rita’s favorite Indian dish is anything with chole: chole bhature, chole samosa chaat, and chole bowls!) She inherited her mom’s passion for cooking and went on to become one of the cooks alongside Karna, her son.


Reflecting on this year, one of the biggest challenges she faced while opening Maast Indian was finding a cloud kitchen that would be safe for her family and the customers. Now, she is ready to welcome customers to try her delicious food!


Meet Founder Karna

Karna Patel, Owner

Karna Patel, Owner

Meet Karna Patel, the founder of Maast Indian.


He was born in Los Angeles, and after growing up in India, Karna returned to the U.S. to start his culinary career.


Karna started Maast Indian with his deep passion for food and has been working in the kitchen for the entire year to build his menu.  Opening Maast Indian was a journey for him. Originally, his plan was to open a food truck, but as the COVID-19 pandemic grew larger, he decided to work in a smart, virtual kitchen to adapt to social distancing orders.


As expected, Karna faced many challenges opening a restaurant during the pandemic, but he and the family-team were able to accomplish this against all odds!