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We are

Women Owned & Operated 

Founded as a family business in 2020.


Directly with us to PICK UP.
Supporting a local business.

At Maast Indian we offer
Dine - in and Patio Seating.
Easy handicap access and parking available.
Grab & go Takeaway when you order online with us and
3rd party delivery option 



Prices may vary




Prices may vary




Prices may vary


Neat Stationery

" Maast is an amazing flavor sensation! We loved their burritos, fries, tots, and Mac. The Indian flavors really give the food such an amazing twist. I've been going to them since they were at Smart Kitchen and now they've seriously upgraded with their new location.
If they keep making the food this high quality and very filling, I'll keep coming back. I tell my friends about this place and everyone has loved it so far."
                                     - Jose Vasquez

" What a wonderful family restaurant... I had the pleasure of speaking with the daughter and learning about the miraculous origin story of the restaurant. Opening a restaurant in 2020 must've been a mental task amidst the Massive Over Regulation by our Government and draconian measures that were taken which closed 800k small businesses. None the less they opened in the Smart Kitchen by John Wayne airport. They've since moved to a location by Alton and the 5 fwy. They've mixed traditional Indian flavors and recipes with modern day convenience out of necessity to have single serving options. I tried a paneer burrito and had some magical Indian fries at the recommendation of the cashier and was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to trying more when I'm down that way."
                                          - Jay O.

Hours & Location

Monday to Friday:     11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Saturday: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Sunday closed 

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15358 Alton Parkway,
Irvine CA, 92618

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