MAAST Indian!





Why "Unauthentic"

We chose this word to represent us because we give our food a twist that is fun and unique while still reflecting the Indian taste you know and love. 


Are you interested? Try some for yourself!

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17951 Sky Park Circle (Unit F) Irvine, CA 92614
Located Inside Smart Kitchens
At the KOLL Airport Business Center  

Irvine Indian Restaurant

ORder with 3rd party! 

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“This place is a rare gem. Their food is so delicious and unique! I was born in India, and I haven't had good authentic Indian food/snacks/sandwiches until I tried this place.”

— Amin S.

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“Food is fantastic. I have always enjoyed curry and Indian food but my wife was not a fan, until she tried Maast. This Unauthentic Indian food changed her mind with a beautiful fusion of flavors. Now our go to every week.”

— Nicholas C.